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I am Michael Chen (a.k.a. Junlin, Jun Lin, maverick, mc256, m_____c, etc.).
I am a Master of Science student in Computer Science at University of Toronto.

I'm also a hacker and white hat that interested in computer security.

About this site

I have bought too many domains. You may reach this site through many addresses.

Moving to Serverless Computing

I will no longer provide free KVM hosting, as I have migrated all of my applications to microservice architecture using Kubernetes! I am planning to give away some free compute resources in the future.


Research Assistant / Web Developer @ University of Toronto

Design and implement secure and modern dashboards with data visualization for clinicians.

Project Websites

Teaching Assistant @ University of Toronto

Conduct lab tutorials for courses CSC309, CSC369, CSC458

Teaching Assistant @ York University

Conduct lab tutorials for courses EECS1012, EECS1022

Research Assistant @ York University

Build interesting programs and machines that are related to computer vision.

iOS Developer @ Moegirlsaikou Foundation | Yuban Network Technology

We operate one of the most prominent non-profit anime fan wiki sites (Chinese website).

Web Develoepr @ InfoEmpire

Design and build PHP websites.


University of Toronto

Master of Science, Computer Science 2019 - NOW


Jun Lin Chen, Daniyal Liaqat, Moshe Gabel and Eyal de Lara, Poster: An Accelerator for Fast Container-based Applications Deployment on the Edge, The Fifth ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing (SEC 2020), Virtual, November 11-13, 2020.

York University

Bachelor of Science with Honours, Computer Science 2015 - 2018


Junlin Chen and Uyen Trang Nguyen, A Robust Protocol for Circumventing Censoring Firewalls, 18th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT-2018), Halifax, Canada, July 30 - August 3, 2018.


jlchen ( at ) cs dot toronto dot edu

I can speak Cantonese廣東話, Mandarin普通话, English and Japanese日本語もできます。

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